Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders For Mining Machinery Hydraulic Cylinders For Mining Vehicles



Designed to withstand the most challenging environments, our stainless steel hydraulic cylinders are a perfect fit for mining machinery and vehicles. We cater to a variety of industries including hotels, garment shops, building material shops, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food & beverage factories, farms, restaurants, and industrial machinery. With a weight of 50 KG and a nonstandard piston structure, these hydraulic cylinders are powered by hydraulic forces. The body material is stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

Understanding the Technical Specifications, Features and Benefits

Our hydraulic cylinders come with a comprehensive machinery test report and a video outgoing-inspection for quality assurance before dispatch. The core components of the cylinder include the piston rod and cylinder head, both crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a robust performance even under strenuous conditions. These components come with a warranty of three years. The nonstandard structure of the piston cylinder accommodates a broader range of applications. Hydraulic power drives the cylinder, providing a significant force that can efficiently perform heavy-duty tasks.

The hydraulic cylinder, primarily used for lifting applications, comes with a five-year warranty. The black steel material adds to the overall aesthetic while ensuring top-notch quality. This single-acting hydraulic cylinder is known as the Hollow Hydraulic Cylinder in professional terms. It holds the ISO9001:2008 certificate, underscoring its reliability and safety. With a primary usage in the hydraulic machinery industry, this product stands out for its superior performance and longevity.

Introducing HZPT Products

At HZPT, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality hydraulic machinery products. Our offerings are not only limited to hydraulic cylinders but also include honing machines, honing pipes, hydraulic oil pump stations, hydraulic presses, and engineering dump trucks. We can customize various hydraulic equipment as per user needs, ensuring versatility and user satisfaction. Our products are widely used and well-received across the country, offering excellent economic benefits to our customers.

We believe in providing impeccable customer service and hence offer a perfect sales network, reasonable sales price, and after-sales service. Our commitment to quality and service has helped us build a strong reputation in the industry. We invite you to explore our diverse product range and urge you to make a purchase that can revolutionize your operations and offer you unparalleled benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the core components of the hydraulic cylinder?

The core components of the hydraulic cylinder include the piston rod and the cylinder head.

2. What is the primary usage of the hydraulic cylinder?

The hydraulic cylinder is primarily used in the hydraulic machinery industry, particularly for lifting applications.

3. What is the warranty period of the hydraulic cylinder?

The hydraulic cylinder comes with a five-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.